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Top-A Purple Alloy 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets

Top-A Purple Alloy 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets


SKU G5316180
Release Date 3/27/2014
Category 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets
Country of Origin China
MaterialSwarovski Element
PlatedingPlatinum Plated
Dimensions of 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture)
Item Weight 0.13 KG / Pieces

Rhodium?is?a?chemical?element?that?is?a?rare,?silvery-white,?hard,?and?chemically?inert?transition?metal?and?a?member?of?the?platinum?group. The jewelry plated with rhodium have the tarnish resistance, so that you can find it with the same cluster after a long time using. Some of the most expensive consumer items in the world are made from rhodium.

Alloy has three common attributes of the very good corrosion resistance, good plasticity and high strength. Besides, different alloy will also have any other good traits. So the jewelry made by alloy always win the favors from all the people who like fashions.

High quality and strict materials choosing
No matter what kind of identification, buyer or seller, the quality you must take into your consideration firstly. All the materials taken into viennois-online jewelry has been passed strict inspection on quality checking and materials choosing, so you don't have to worry about anything that whether the materials are healthy or are in high quality.
Ability to accept OEM from famous brands
The jewelry sets produced by viennois-online is good both in quality and design because of its strong design team and high-skilled workers. With over twenty years making experience in jewelry industry, viennois-online absolutely has the ability to provide you all qualified jewelry. And just because of its strong and trusted experience, OEM has been accepted by viennois-online also for so many years.

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