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Purchase Alloy Spherical Shape 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets

Purchase Alloy Spherical Shape 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets


SKU V5312740
Release Date 2/25/2014
Category 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets
Country of Origin China
PlatedingPlatinum Plated
MaterialOpal (Imitation)
MaterialVenetian Pearl
Dimensions of 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture)
Item Weight 0.13 KG / Pieces

Russian style jewelry has more national elements than others so that the jewelry is high in quality and unique in design. The unique totem of Russia had been used into jewelry design and making so that the jewelry has a good and unique style and high quality.

You will look more cute and fashion when wearing spherical shape jewelry that has the delicate design and unique appearance. It is a fashion element that will never get out of date. If you are a woman who wants to be elegant and fashionable, it will be your best choice.

Suitable way to clean jewelry sets
No matter what kind of way you had had a try to clean your jewelry sets, you must remember that don's make your jewelry sets wet for a long time or put your necklace into an environment filled with moisture. Because wet air will make your jewelry sets corroded quickly especially for jewelry sets made of metal.
Sense of whole matching
When you choose jewelry sets, every single jewelry should match your temperament and your feature as well as your nomal clothes style. And then if you choose jewelry sets for special ocassion, what you should renmenber is that your jewelry sets ahould be auitable for the acassion you attend. Such as formal acassion, jewelry sets should be chosen in simple and elegant style. But party for free style, jewelry sets could be chosen in exaggerated and colorful style.

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