Kind High Quality Swarovski Elements Crystal 2 Pieces Jewelry Set

Kind High Quality Swarovski Elements Crystal 2 Pieces Jewelry Set


SKU V5285138-001
Release Date 4/19/2013
Category 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets
Country of Origin China
Dimensions of 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture)
Item Weight 0.04 KG / Pieces

Swarovski crystal is very famous for its high technology and delicate craftsman as well as the accurate producing process. To have such kind of magic jewelry it not just a dream any more. Viennois-online can provide you a Swarovski crystal jewelry with highest quality and the most affordable price.

You will enjoy the luxurious looks of diamonds when you have the cubic zirconia jewelry. Compared to the natural diamonds, it is more an affordable diamond alternative that reveals brilliant shine and a meticulous cut, which can also bring out your beauty.

Microns application
Jewelry making needs skilled workers and advanced equipment, so viennois had introduced the most advanced equipment and the best technology such as the microns in jewelry producing to ensure the quality and delicate design.
Collarboration with famous brand with OEM
As a company that owns about 20 years jewelry sets making, and doing OEM with so many world famous brands such as Ochirly, Baleno and others, Viennois has owned good reputation in jewelry manufacturing for a so ling time.

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