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Wholesale Costume Jewelry

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  • Simple And Elegant Africa & Middle East Cubic Zirconia Stud QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      14190
  • Cheapest Cubic Zirconia Gold Plated Stud QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      4111
  • Trendy Style  Hollow Out Multi-Tone Plated 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets QUICK VIEW
    Venetian Pearl + Brass
    Available      2564
  • Novel Style Platinum Plated Small Fashion Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      2044
  • Best Brass Platinum Plated Stacking Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      2001
  • Simple And Elegant Rose Gold Plated Brass Pendants QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      1940
  • Durable Small Gold Plated Collar 16 OR 18 Inches QUICK VIEW
    Available      1831
  • Excellent Quality  Brass Geometric Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      1284
  • New Season  Platinum Plated Brass 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      969
  • Fashion Watches Making Supplier Gold Plated Brass Collar 16 OR 18 Inches QUICK VIEW
    Available      842
  • Touching Gold Plated Brass Bangles QUICK VIEW
    Resin + Brass
    Available      822
  • Purchase Africa & Middle East Gold Plated Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      804
  • Magnificent Gold Plated None-Stone Hook QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      801
  • Novel Style Gold Plated None-Stone Collar 16 OR 18 Inches QUICK VIEW
    Available      790
  • Online Wholesale Micro Pave Setting Platinum Plated Hook QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      749
  • Online Accessories Wholesale Single Stone Gold Plated Fashion Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      739
  • New Arrival Red Brass 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      666
  • Ce Certificated Brass Gold Plated Hook QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      636
  • Gorgeous And Beautiful Geometric Colourful Necklaces QUICK VIEW
    Glass + Zine Alloy
    Available      594
  • Lovely And Touching Brass Brazilian Style Earrings QUICK VIEW
    Rhinestone + Brass
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  • Sunglasses Wholesale For Geometric Brazilian Style Earrings QUICK VIEW
    Rhinestone + Brass
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  • Elegant Colored None-Stone Gold Plated Bangles QUICK VIEW
    Resin + Brass
    Available      543
  • Wonderful Rose Gold Plated Religion Pendants QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      528
  • First Class Multi-Tone Plated Brazilian Style Earrings QUICK VIEW
    Rhinestone + Brass
    Available      525
  • Unique And Creative Cubic Zirconia Brass 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      518
  • Popular None-Stone Rose Gold Plated Bangles QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      507
  • Romantic  Casual Geometric Hook QUICK VIEW
    Rhinestone + Brass
    Available      487
  • Unique Fashion Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Rings QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      487
  • Flexible Designed Brass Platinum Plated 2 Pieces Jewelry Sets QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      482
  • Superior Sunglasses Supplier Cubic Zirconia Drop Stud QUICK VIEW
    Cubic Zirconia + Brass
    Available      468

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Wholesale Costume Jewelry From China Supplier

Why buy Wholesale Trendy Costume Jewelry from China manufacturer

1. Cheap price Not the exact answer. Buy at wholesale price surly help for you business, but this is not the reason that you choose china manufacturer or Viennois-online, we can offer you the best price that beat most competitor, but what make you win is our variety choice of items and trendy design jewelry, as well as fast product updates.
2. Quality assurance Viennois-online got all the product quality certification, we rank quality as top 3 things for wholesale business. We ensure the procudct quality and we also ensure the service quality, be quick and good at dealing anything related with your questions and wants. We know that’s important to maintain customers.
3. Deep understanding of trendy fashion or Costume Jewelry Yes, we know what you want and what your customer wants, we are not only manufacture Trendy Costume Jewelry but we also make fashion and trend.
4. Service that we offer Yes! We like bulk order, as a manufacturer we are capable to satisfy any bulk order. But we also support small wholesale and small OEM/ODM order.
No matter you want to wholesale bulk costume jewelry direct form Jewelry manufacturer, or you just want to try small wholesale order first, Viennois-online is your best choice for trendy costume jewelry!

China Jewelry Wholesale

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