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  • 1. How it work? If you order total amount of US$1500, you can get extra products worth US$ 300 for free, choose any products on site as you want.
  • 2. How to place order? You need to place two orders, one for normal order, and place another order of corresponding value.
  • 3. How to ship my order? We will ship two orders together.
  • 4. If I want to ship order by dividing into 2 more times? Yes, if order ship by one package in one address, it's free shipping. But if you want us to ship order with more packages or to different shipping address, you need to pay for the first KG weight fee.
  • 5. Who can take part in this promotion? It’s to all customers, include old or register customer.
  • 6. Starting and ending times to choose the free items: Once you make payment you can start choosing free items, but within the same month you have to finish choosing the free items, or pass the end time we will clear the free items balance.
  • 7. What’s the frequency of big promotion? Less than twice/ year, takes the chance, and make big saving.